Custom Skatewear by MK Design

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  1. If this is a custom costume, isn't it going to be very expensive?
    Not in comparison to what you see in the skating wear catalogues. And it depends upon what we decide upon for materials. If you have a budget, I can generally stay within it. I do not charge a design fee. For me, the designing is the fun part and I can do it easily. When a design is agreed upon I then do some homework locating the materials I need from suppliers. You will know what the costume will look like and how much it will cost before I start. I love making skating costumes because I generally find that the end result usually looks BETTER than the design!

  2. What if there are left over materials?
    If I order in a couple dozen stones of one color and only use 1 dozen, I prorate the expense in the final bill. And I will provide a few extra stones of each color for customers to have on hand to use in the future at no charge. If I end up with extra fabric sometimes I suggest an optional matching skirt or jacket. But I don't charge you for extra fabric. And I am very good at estimating what I need. I have made skating dresses with only a few tiny scraps of left over fabric that can be held in one hand. If I order extra fabric for safety reasons, you are not charged for that.

    I try to stay within the range I gave in the estimate. Only when there has been a last minute shipping expense does the estimate vary from the original.
    As to labor costs, I do not add on time to what I originally predicted to inflate a bill. I do not charge for time making mockups, as I put them into my own inventory to sell each winter if the buyers don't want them. Most dresses don't require mockups.

  3. How much does a skating dress cost?
    Last year my skating outfits ranged from $90 - $350. You can get a terrific custom designed and modestly decorated outfit for between $150 - $200.

  4. What if I don't like the costume?
    You send it back and get a full refund. Once someone sent a costume back to me. There had been a misunderstanding about design. I gave them a full refund. But usually with good communication there are no problems.

    By negotiating ahead of time what you want, agreeing on materials and design, and careful construction of the garment to your specifications, you are pretty much guaranteed to like it!

  5. How do I wash my costume?
    Note: Some elite skaters with highly decorated costumes only dryclean them.

    My best advice is to hand-wash with cool water and mild soap and hang dry. Generally for spandex work out clothes you can machine wash on delicate and hang dry. For decorated dresses hand washing is recommended. Or machine wash on delicate but turn the garment inside out first and realize you may be taking a chance on the decorations. Austrian crystals are glass and can fracture if knocked. So turn the garment inside out if you decide to use the washer on delicate/gentle cycle or better, hand wash. You cannot effectively spot wash spandex. Especially light colors will show a "water line" if you do. So you should immerse the entire garment and then lay it out or hang dry. Be careful however, to use rounded hangers only. A straight edge hanger or pointed edge will quickly stretch out the finer fabrics such as netting, mesh or glissenette.
    Use only mild detergent. Silk dyers suggest baby shampoo in small amounts for silk chiffons. Never use bleach or harsh detergents. Dryers can work at lower temperatures, but in general are going to tend to wear elastic or be too dangerous for delicate glass. I do not use dryers for my costumes."